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The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is committed to openness, transparency, and accountability to the resort community, and encourages residents and businesses to get informed, participate in community events, and share ideas and feedback.

Public consultations and input opportunities

Community Engagement Review

Under the guidance of the Governance and Ethics Committee of Council, a Community Engagement Review was conducted from late 2019 through 2020, and in October 2020 the Community Engagement Review Findings and Recommendations Report and a new Community Engagement Policy were endorsed by Council.

The Report presented 30 recommendations while the policy identified key guiding principles for engagement:

  • Resourced – financial and human resources, including knowledge
  • Inclusive – diverse and adequate participation
  • Respectful – treatment, time, privacy
  • Informed – quality, consistency, timeliness
  • Meaningful – appropriate level, worthwhile for participants
  • Transparent – clear promise, open process, report back
  • Monitored – process evaluation, performance measurement

The review provided the launching off point for the organization to implement recommendations over the coming months and years toward an expanded, more defined and easier to use community engagement program across the organization. View the Council presentation.

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Read the RMOW’s social media use and community guidelines.

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Get involved

  • Committees – Committees of Council provide advice to Council and opportunities for public involvement in municipal matters. Committees.
  • Volunteer – Find volunteer opportunities with Whistler’s Village Host program and other community organizations and events. Volunteer.
  • Careers – Find careers with the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Careers.

Communications Policy

The Council Communications Policy in the RMOW Council Governance Manual  designates the Mayor, CAO and Public Information Officer (Communications manager or staff) as the principal spokespersons for the municipality, and outlines requirements for public consultation and participation. 

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