Tourist Accommodation Review

In 2016, the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) launched a review of RMOW policies, regulations and other legal mechanisms governing Whistler’s tourist accommodation properties to address key issues, such as:

  • Trends in accommodation booking and operations;
  • Visitor trends and expectations for accommodation types, amenities and services;
  • Pressures on the supply and utilization of Whistler’s tourist accommodation units; and
  • Pressures on the supply and utilization of Whistler’s residential properties for illegal nightly rentals and paid visitor stays

The TA Review was undertaken with guidance from existing municipal policies and regulations with the following goals;

  • Prohibit nightly rentals in residential areas;
  • Protect Whistler’s visitor accommodation bed base;
  • Support the visitor experience and service quality levels;
  • Provide a range of accommodation types or arrangements to meet diverse visitor demographics and needs;
  • Support efficient property management, operations, maintenance and reinvestment in accommodation offerings; and
  • Provide clarity and certainty regarding tourist accommodation use requirements and rental arrangements.