Apply for a Business Licence

If you are conducting business in Whistler, you are required to hold a valid business licence. If you operate in more than one location, you need a licence for each location.

Additionally, each licence type requires its own licence, two types of businesses operating from one location each require their own licence. There are different business licence application requirements for different business types. The Licence Inspector may also impose conditions depending on the licence type.  Confirm the zoning for the business location and do not commence any alterations prior to having the application reviewed. 

Learn more about and apply for the licence that most accurately describes your business.  Please click this useful flow chart to see Which Business Licence should I apply for?

Business licences are valid once they are approved and paid in full. Once paid the licence will be mailed to the applicant. We do not issue electronic copies of licences. 

Required documents and checklist

Property authorization form
Any business that resides within the Resort Municipality of Whistler is required to complete the Business Licence Property Authorization Form to indicate whether they own or rent the subject property. If they are a tenant of the subject property the owner or property manager is required to sign off on the authorization form. Please complete this form before beginning the online application process, where you will be prompted to upload the document.

Building Department inspection
If your business is located within a commercial location you are required to have the location inspected by the Whistler Building Dept. The Building Dept. will contact you during the Business Licence application review process, they will provide directions that you must follow in order to obtain the required inspection. We do not move forward in the licensing process until the Building Dept. approves their inspection.

Please note, during the Building Dept. inspection any variance or non-conformance to applicable regulations and bylaws or to the approved record plans may require additional action and permits to resolve. 

Fire Dept. safety inspection
If your business is located within a commercial location you are required to review the Fire Safety Checklist in order to prepare for the fire inspection that will take place through the application process. Learn more. Annual Fire Inspection fees will be invoiced with the business licensing fees where applicable, learn more

Sign permit application
Sign Permit applications must be submitted to the Planning Department for any commercial location wishing to install a sign. Learn more

Food Service establishment

A valid Business Licence is required for food premises in which food is processed, served or dispensed to the public, and/or intended for immediate consumption. Learn more and apply for a licence.

Home-based artist studio

A valid RMOW business licence is required to sell artwork from a home-based artist studio in Whistler. A sign permit is also required for any signs on the premises. Learn more and apply for a licence.

Home occupation business

A home occupation business is a business based within a residential home in the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Contract workers such as massage therapist, janitors, and trades people are required to apply for a home occupation business licence. The licence travels with them to the locations in which they perform the services. Property owner authorization form is required to be uploaded if the applicant is not the home owner. Learn more and apply for a licence.

Non-resident business

Sometimes a contractor is based outside of Whistler, but is performing work in Whistler. These contractors require a non-resident business licence. Learn more and apply for a licence.

Publication boxes

A publication box means a rack or box containing published materials (excluding newspapers) for distribution for free or for a charge. Permission is required before a box may be placed on municipal property. Learn more and apply for a licence

Special events

Before producing or hosting an event in Whistler, a Village Facility Use application as well as a business licence application are required. Learn more and start the application process.

Tourist Accommodation

In Whistler, a business licence is required for property owners to market, manage and provide paid accommodation to tourists. Learn more and apply for a licence

Vehicle for Hire

Before operating a taxi, limousine, shuttle or charter service business in Whistler, a licence is required. Ride Hailing businesses do not require a Whistler business licence. Learn more and apply for a licence.

Commercial Locations

Commercial Locations are locations zoned for specific commercial use. Commercial location include but are not limited to office spaces, mechanic shops, retail stores and Storage facilities. Learn more and apply for a licence.

All other business classes

If you are unsure of your business classification, please complete the standard business licence application.


The application timeline for a home based, non-resident or tourist accommodation business (excluding multi-unit applications and property managers) may be approximately 10 business days. This timeline may be extended depending on the volume of applications being received. Processing time for commercial locations varies significantly depending on inspection results and external agency permits required by Business Licensing. Due to these variables and circumstances, a specific timeframe cannot be provided.


Business licence fees are outlined in the Business Licence and Regulation Bylaw. View the Business Licence and Regulation Bylaw.

A $25.00 non-refundable application fee is charged for all applications. You must have a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card in order to complete the application. A $10.00 non-refundable fee is charged for all changes to an existing business licence, such as relocating, new ownership, new trade name. Please be advised a 2.2 % processing fee will be charged on the transaction.

If you don’t have a credit card, please email to discuss alternative application and payment options.

The annual licence fee is $190 unless otherwise noted, to a maximum annual fee of $2000. Learn more about fees and how to make a payment


Bylaw Department 

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