Housing legislation property impacts

Under the new provincial legislation Whistler will adopt zoning changes by June 30, 2024, which may affect your home or homes in your neighbourhood. The changes will allow a variety of different types of housing units from secondary suites to townhouses or other forms of small-scale multi-unit housing. 

The Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing (SSMUH) requirements apply to 40 zones in Whistler that are generally restricted to detached and duplex dwellings (also called restricted zones).  

In Whistler there are around 3,470 parcels (or lots) within these restricted zones where the RMOW needs to allow increased density, including:  

  • 281 parcels with a minimum requirement of an auxiliary residential dwelling unit (ARDU), like a secondary suite, carriage house, garden suite, or lane/garage suite  
  • 211 parcels with a minimum requirement of three dwelling units 
  • 2978 parcels with a minimum requirement of four dwelling units 
  • There are no residential parcels in Whistler with a minimum requirement of six dwelling units, because Whistler’s transit service levels don’t meet the provincial threshold for this requirement. 

Check maps for zoning changes

Use these maps to see if your property is in an area that is subject to this provincial legislation: 

View the interactive WebMap:

Housing map

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