Street banner program

Through the Street Banner Art Program, artists create unique banners for the light posts in Whistler. Each series is displayed for two seasons and then sold to the public.

Banner Artist Competiton: Open for Submissions

The Resort Municipality of Whistler is inviting submissions for its street banner program!

The selected winter themed designs will be featured on lampposts throughout Whistler for the 2023/2024 winter seasons.

Deadline for artist submissions is June 26, 2023.

For full details, please view the Request for Proposal (RFP).

Spring/Summer 2022/2023

Congratulations to Kate Zessel, the artist of the 2022/2023 Spring/Summer banner series, for her striking submission “Iconic Peaks.”

 Each of Zessel’s four designs feature the region’s most recognizable mountains – Mount Garibaldi, Brandywine Mountain, Wedge Mountain, and Whistler Mountain – and the alpine flowers that appear during summer ­- including arctic lupine, mountain arnica, western anemone and red paintbrush as just a few of the native plant species included in the eye-catching graphics.

 “My favorite part about spring and summer is exploring these majestic peaks and walking among the alpine flowers. These banners illustrate the contrast between the delicate flowers and the massive mountains they grow on,” said Zessel.

Banners on Ted Nebbeling Bridge

Inspired by the strength of the designs submitted to the 2022 spring/summer Street Banner Art Program, six artists were asked if they would consider editing the format of their designs to become banners for the Ted Nebbeling Bridge, the pedestrian bridge where the Village Stroll crosses Village Gate Boulevard in Whistler Village. These banners are by Andrea Mueller, Angela Seear, Anna Cowper, Lori Van Dyk, Lou O’Brien and Maxine Wolodko are currently on display. The works fit within the summer landscape theme.

Past Competition Winners

The competition for the Fall/Winter 2021/2022 series was won by artist Maxine Wolodko for her proposal “‘Birds of Winter.” Thank you to Maxine for two wonderful winter seasons of ‘Birds of Winter’. These banners have now been retired and are available for purchase.

The competition for the Spring/Summer 2019 series was won by artist Brooke Allen for her proposal “‘Explore More.”

The competition for the Fall/Winter 2018 series was won by artist Claire Ryan for her proposal, “The Ultimate Winter Weekend in Whistler”. 

The competition for the Spring/Summer 2017 series was won by artist Laura Bifano for her proposal “‘Whistler Vistas.”

The competition for the Fall/Winter 2016 series was won by artist Sarah Turton, for her proposal “Winter in Motion.” 

The competition for the Spring/Summer 2015 series was won by artist Sarah Turton. Her series was titled “Explore, Admire, Celebrate, Cruise”.

To see other past street banners, view the RMOW Street Banner Catalogue 2022.


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