Natural areas parks

Photo by: Mike Crane

Whistler has several Natural Parks which are mostly accessible via the Valley Trail. These natural spaces are largely undeveloped with several amenities including forested trails, viewing areas, public art, and several docks.

  • Alta Lake Park: Alta Lake Park is only accessible via the Valley Trail. The park has a seasonal canoe/kayak rental facility, public dock, as well as several public art features
  • Alta Lake Station: Teacherage structure rented for storage.
  • Alta Lake former hostel: Off of Alta Lake Road, the Alta Lake Former Hostel also known as the Point Artist Run Centre, hosts a variety of events including concerts and plays on its floating dock. The site also houses the Whistler Sailing Association. 
  • Beaver Lake Park: Features Beaver Pond trail which is of medium difficulty that loops around Beaver Pond. Scenic mountain views are revealed along the trail through patches in the trees.
  • Big Timber Park: Big Timber Park is accessed via the top of Kadenwood Drive. It features several trails as well as two viewing platforms.
  • Blueberry Park: Blueberry Park is a large, mostly forested park featuring Blueberry trail, three docks as well as several canoe/kayak/SUP storage spots. 
  • Dream River Park: Dream River Park is a naturalized park along the Valley Trail near Highway 99 that offers amazing views of mountains and lakes.  The park has several pullouts for picnicking off the Valley Trail as well as a boat pullout.
  • Fitzsimmons Fan Park: Fitzsimmons Fan Park is accessible via a gravel trail off of the Valley Trail near Nicklaus North Golf Course on Green Lake. The park is an important shorebird nesting area.
  • Green Lake Launch: Green Lake Launch offers a boat launch, public dock, as well as canoe/kayak/SUP storage racks.
  • Habitat Park: Located on the Valley Trail, Habitat Park is a naturalized area that provides a nice setting amongst the busyness of the highway and Creekside Village. It showcases several pieces of public art as well as interpretive signage.
  • Parkhurst: Parkhurst is the RMOW’s newest acquired parcel of park space. It is largely forested and undeveloped at this time. 
  • Pine Point Park: Pine Point Park, located on Alpha Lake, features several rock outcroppings and natural areas to site both up high as well as along the water’s edge.
  • Rocky Knoll Park: Located off of the Valley Trail near Spring Creek Elementary School, Rocky Knoll Park features a short hiking trail through the forest to a small wetland.
  • Snowridge Park: Snowridge Park features a forested trail that leads to a lookout point out to the mountains. It also contains a large rock in the centre of the park that is frequently used for bouldering.
  • Wedge Park: Wedge Park is located on the Valley Trail, near the Whistler Secondary School Fields. It is a naturalized and undeveloped site.
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