Neighbourhood parks

Each neighbourhood in Whistler has a small park dedicated to quiet reflection, children’s play and relaxation.

Some neighbourhood parks have play structures, picnic tables, BBQ stands, tennis courts and water features.

  • Alpenglow Park: a terraced neighbourhood park located in the Rainbow Neighbourhood on Crazy Canuck Drive. Alpenglow Park offers immense views, a small play structure with rubberized safety surfacing, a short illuminated section of Valley Trail, benches, picnic tables and connectivity to the new and immediately adjacent commercial development. It is an excellent place to view the rosy alpenglow sunset light on Blackcomb and Whistler mountains.
  • Boulder Park: a small neighbourhood park located in the Rainbow Neighbourhood accessed by foot or bicycle off of Bear Paw Drive or the Valley Trail. Boulder Park contains a covered pavilion with a hard surface area, as well as flat lawn area with several benches and picnic tables. A flat boulder in the park offers opportunities for imaginative play.
  • Bottomless Lake Park: Located in Whistler Highlands, this grassy park and a beaver pond steps from the highway entrance is a nice place for reflection.
  • Blueberry Park: Nestled in the forest, this 5 minute nature walk will take you to three docks on Alta Lake. This is a natural park with minimal facilities. If you pack it in, pack it out.
  • Brio Park: Located in Brio, this quiet park offers a tennis court, including pickleball lines. The nets are removed for winter by the end of October and re-installed by the end of April, as snow melt allows. 
  • Balsam Park: Located in Tapley’s Farm, this park is known as the Helicopter Park as the play structure is in the shape of a helicopter. The best slide in town is located here, along with swings and picnic tables and washrooms. It’s close to the sports fields and tennis courts. The nets are removed for winter by the end of October and re-installed by the end of April, as snow melt allows​
  • Cheakamus Commons: Located in Cheakamus Crossing neighbourhood across from Bayly Park, Cheakamus Commons features an expansive lawn for many activities, a natural playground with log climbers and a water pump station, and a stone amphitheatre. 
  • Emerald Park: Emerald Park offers a play structure, swings, a sandbox, a 2 on 2 basketball court, outhouse facilities, water fountain, picnic tables and a bench.
  • Eva Lake Park: Located in Nordic, this park offers a play structure and benches by the pond. Eva Lake Park is named after the daughter of Walter Zebrowski, a Whistler pioneer and developer who built and donated the land for the park and developed the Nordic Estates neighbourhood. 
  • Green Lake Park: Located between Green Lake and Emerald Neighbourhood, this park offers washroom facilities and picnic tables.
  • Marmot Park: Located in Spring Creek, this park offers a play structure, washroom, picnic tables and benches.
  • Millar’s Pond Park: Located in Bayshores at the top of Cheakamus Way, this lovely park offers two tennis courts, swings, jungle gym, slide, picnic tables and slackline posts. Millar’s Pond is named after Whistler pioneer, John Millar.
  • Rebagliati Park: Located between Whistler Village and the Upper Village adjacent to the Valley Trail, Rebagliati Park is named after Whistler’s Ross Rebagliati who won the first-ever  gold medal in snowboarding at the Nagano Olympics in 1998.
  • Snowflake Park: This quiet park in Whistler Cay offers a grassy area and picnic tables next to a duck pond.
  • White Gold Park: Located in White Gold, this park offers a play structure and tennis courts (including pickleball lines) – weather dependent the nets are removed for winter by the end of October and re-installed by the end of April if snow melt allows.

Hosting an Event at a Whistler Park

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