Home Owner Grant

Home Owner Grant Program

Effective 2021, the home owner grant application process has changed. Residents will no longer apply for their grant through the municipality, retroactive and current year applications must be applied for directly with the Province.

Homeowners can now apply for their retroactive grant online. Please wait to receive your tax notice in the third week of May before you apply for your current year grant online.

Claim your grant with the Province

About the Program

The home owner grant is a provincial program that helps reduce the amount of residential property tax you pay. The Basic and Additional Grants are available to Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, who ordinarily reside in British Columbia, occupy their home as their principal residence and meet the eligibility requirements.

The Province requires that all eligible homeowners apply for a grant each year. This is to confirm that they still meet the eligibility requirements. When your grant is processed the Resort Municipality of Whistler receives the grant amount from the Province. To avoid penalties claim your Home Owner Grant before the due date.

For more information please visit the Provincial Government Home Owner Grant Administration website.

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