Fee for Service

Fee for Service agreements provide funding to organizations that provide services that Whistler Council considers necessary or desirable for Whistler. This allows the RMOW to leverage the skills and expertise of local non-profit groups to deliver services at a reduced cost compared to the municipality delivering those services directly. 

The Fee for Service program moves the resort community towards the goals articulated in the Official Community Plan.  

2023 Fee for Service agreements

The Fee for Service agreements for 2023 were approved by Whistler Council at the Regular Public Meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

The agreements are for funding up to the following amounts:

2023 Fee for Service agreements

In November 2021, Whistler Council voted in favour of establishing a Council policy that will standardize how the Fee for Service program is applied across many non-profit organizations in Whistler.

Going forward, the formalized program will encompass organizations that receive funding, as well as value-in-kind contributions for facilities or programming spaces in buildings owned by the RMOW.

With the new policy now adopted, the RMOW will start the process to establish new agreements, including requesting, receiving and reviewing applications from each of the organizations considered part of the Fee for Service program.

Read the release to learn more.

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