Community Cemetery

Chapter 8

What it’s about

Offering commemoration opportunities within the Whistler Cemetery.

Whistler’s cemetery design and development respond to the sloped topography and preserve the tranquil forested nature of the site, while providing a greater range of service options.

The municipality has owned and operated a cemetery since 1986. A plan has been developed for the cemetery site that maintains the natural forested character of the site and meets the resort community’s long-term needs.

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8.17. Goal Continue to offer commemoration opportunities within the Whistler Cemetery.

8.17.1. Objective

Ensure adequate provision of land for the resort community’s needs and maintain the cemetery’s tranquil character. Policy

Continue to manage the Whistler Cemetery to provide a range of service options within a forested setting. Policy

Explore environmentally-friendly burial options where possible. Policy

Manage land uses adjacent to and within the cemetery site to preserve its tranquil and forested character.