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Find out more about doing business and property development in Whistler.

Doing business with us

Apply for a business licence, review bid opportunities, vehicle and equipment sales and learn about the municipality’s purchasing policy.

Land use and development

Land use in Whistler is regulated and permits are required for all commercial, industrial and multi-family residential development. Find information about the Official Community Plan, zoning and land use, active development, development permits, and regulations.

Economic development

Discover Whistler’s economic development initiatives, opportunities and key economic indicators.

Construction Project Tracker

Stay up to date on municipal infrastructure improvements, including timelines and progress.

Community monitoring

The monitoring program tracks our progress, informs decision-making, and ensures accountability towards our goals. View Community Performance Indicators, Corporate Plan performance reporting and Whistler facts and figures.

Producing an event

Apply to produce an event in Whistler and related guidelines.


Apply for a film permit and find out more information about filming in Whistler, including the operation of unmanned aircraft (drones).


Find out who to contact if you believe your property has been damaged as a result of Resort Municipality of Whistler operations or maintenance work.