Whistler Village

Chapter 13


All lands located within the Whistler Village Development Permit Area, as shown on Schedule M.


Pursuant to section 488(1)(d) and (f) of the Local Government Act, these lands are hereby designated a development permit area for revitalization of an area in which a commercial use is permitted and the establishment of objectives for the form and character of commercial or multi-family residential development. These lands are also designated under section 485 of the Local Government Act as areas in which the municipality may require applicants to provide information on the form and character of the development.


Whistler Village is a master planned town centre designed as a pedestrian-oriented environment for people’s comfort, convenience, interest and experience.

This original design has endured, establishing the foundation for a unique identity that has truly set Whistler apart. While a natural desire exists to preserve and protect this Village “gem”, there is recognition that ongoing rejuvenation, revitalization and evolution is needed in order to remain vital and alive and continue to be competitive in the destination resort market.

The elements of the character, quality and identity of Whistler Village which help to make it a unique and special place requires coordinated site planning, architecture and landscaping.

Pursuant to section 488(4) of the Local Government Act a development permit is not required in respect of the following:

  • (a) Interior renovations, except renovations that impede views into a store per section 5.2.3. of Schedule T.
  • (b) Routine property maintenance except that involving a change of building colour or building material.
  • (c) New doors and windows in existing or new locations consistent with the form and character of existing doors and windows on the building.
  • (d) Minor alterations to existing roads, paths, parking areas or driveways provided there is no removal of trees.
  • (e) Vegetation management related to wildfire hazard reduction when carried out in accordance with:
    • (i) a FireSmart® Assessment or fuel management prescription; and
    • (ii) a permit to remove vegetation issued under the Environmental Protection Bylaw.
  • (f) Signs authorized by permit under the Sign Bylaw.
  • (g) Emergency works, including tree cutting to remove an immediate danger.
  • (h) Minor site clearing for topographic or other surveys for site and servicing work.

The following guidelines apply within the Whistler Village DPA:

  • (a) The Whistler Village Design Guidelines attached as Schedule T.
  • (b) Development, including construction and alterations that will inconvenience or jeopardize the use of public areas in Whistler Village by creating construction noise or the placement of construction materials or barriers in public areas, is not to be carried out between July 1 of any year and September 5 of the same year, except as may be specified in the development permit.