Public Safety OCP

Chapter 8

What it’s about

Keeping Whistler peaceful and safe through police, fire, search and rescue, bylaw and emergency services as well as emergency preparedness.

Whistler is a place where residents and visitors enjoy the resort community peacefully and safely. Whistler residents have strong community connections and people look out for one another.

Whistler is kept safe through the provision of police, fire, search and rescue, bylaw and emergency services. In addition, the community is well-prepared for potential emergency situations from small-scale incidents to disasters affecting the entire community.

Careful planning across the municipality and other community stakeholders has ensured that Whistler’s infrastructure, natural environment and socio-economic systems have become increasingly resilient to a changing climate. In particular, the key risks posed by the threat of wildfire have been significantly reduced, and as a result the community has increased resiliency to forecasted longer, hotter and drier summers and other locally forecasted impacts of a changing climate.

Whistler provides public safety services through partnerships with other agencies and senior levels of government. Public education and prevention are priorities. Public safety planning must address the unique characteristics of Whistler as a resort community with high visitation and seasonal residents from around the world, which combined can more than quadruple the local population.

Although Whistler is located in a temperate coastal rainforest, its climate is characterized by hot, dry summers, which often contribute to extreme forest fire risk. Proactive and effective prevention of wildfires and structure fires help to safeguard lives and property. Whistler’s comprehensive emergency management plan and community wildfire protection plan have been prepared to protect public safety and minimize potential damage to property from wildfire and other risks. Initiatives include forest fuel management, creating resilient structures, early detection and rapid response.

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8.7. Goal Ensure Whistler is a safe and secure resort community.

8.7.1. Objective

Maintain a safe and secure resort community through effective law enforcement and good design practices. Policy

Maintain RCMP detachment and review current infrastructure capacity and security requirements in conjunction with future community and resort development to ensure effective service delivery. The location of the current RCMP detachment is shown in Schedule D. Policy

Encourage best practices for crime reduction through design for all development in Whistler. Policy

Reduce crime through proactive initiatives and education. Policy

Ensure that victims of crime have access to services and are provided with timely and adequate support. Policy

Enhance road safety through education and proactive enforcement. Policy

Provide backcountry rescue support through partnering with the Whistler Search and Rescue Society. Policy

Ensure Bylaw Officers work to help the resort community to understand and voluntarily comply with bylaws, effectively balancing the needs of various stakeholders, business owners, Whistler residents and visitors alike. Policy

Review current bylaws and develop amendments in conjunction with future resort community priorities.

8.7.2. Objective

Maintain a safe community through the provision of sufficient fire, rescue and emergency services. Policy

Review and maintain Whistler Fire Rescue facilities in appropriate locations to ensure effective service delivery. The locations of current fire rescue facilities are shown in Schedule D. Policy

Provide effective response to fires and support provincial resources for emergency medical situations including swiftwater, confined space and high angle rope rescue. Policy

Review the existing fire service delivery model and develop innovative approaches that provide an acceptable level of public safety in the most cost-effective manner possible. Policy

Provide core services including fire prevention, inspection programs and fire investigation services as mandated by the Province. Policy

Deliver an effective education and prevention program to promote public safety. Policy

Ensure apparatus and equipment are appropriate and maintained to industry standards. Policy

Ensure training standards are met and staff is able to effectively respond to emergency events. Policy

Partner with neighbouring jurisdictions to reduce costs and increase effectiveness by entering into mutual aid agreements. Policy

Promote wildfire risk reduction initiatives and programs designed in accordance with wildfire prevention best practices. Policy

Support responsible animal control, shelter and care through a local shelter program. Policy

Review fire and safety considerations for all significant development. Policy

Review and maintain the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan to identify high-risk facilities or situations in the community and to plan for a coordinated emergency response. Policy

Facilitate a centrally located, multi-agency Emergency Operations Centre. Policy

Identify and maintain locations for emergency reception centres and group lodging. Policy

Provide emergency social services, including food, lodging, clothing, emotional support, information about the emergency and family reunification, in emergency situations. Policy

New subdivisions should have at least two paved ingress and egress routes in case of an emergency evacuation. Policy

Ensure upgrades and additions to the Valley Trail system are built to accommodate emergency vehicles. The Valley Trail may be required as an alternate evacuation route in emergencies. Policy

Support neighbourhood resilience initiatives that strengthen connections and relationships between neighbours in an effort to build a stronger and more cohesive community that will be better able to support each other during and after an emergency.

8.7.3. Objective

Maintain a safe and enjoyable community by encouraging compliance with bylaws. Policy

Provide core services including responding to complaints on all bylaw matters, animal control and business licensing. Policy

Prioritize direct, proactive enforcement of key priority issues. Policy

Deliver effective education programs to promote and enhance bylaw compliance. Policy

Conduct patrols of Whistler Village and surrounding neighbourhoods to ensure compliance with bylaw, including bylaws related to illegal nightly rentals.

8.7.4. Objective

Ensure emergency prevention, preparedness, response and recovery policies actively anticipate the impacts of climate change. Policy

Utilize the best available climate forecasts to identify and understand future risk scenarios. Policy

Prepare and maintain emergency plans that consider increasing hazards as a result of a changing climate. Policy

Provide public education opportunities that ensure citizens are prepared for, and can respond to, climate-related emergencies. Policy

Prioritize disaster recovery strategies that reduce future disaster risks and contribute to improved community resilience.

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