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Wheelchair access in village.
Wheelchair access in village.

Whistler Village is linked by the Village Stroll, a pedestrian-only causeway lined with shops, restaurants, hotels and other accommodation adjacent to Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.

Retail and accommodations along Village Stroll are built up on an elevated level. Numerous stairs and ramps are located along the Village Stroll and, at each set of stairs, there is a map indicating the closest ramp to reach your destination. These ramps are also each represented on the Access Whistler Map and includes the slope of each individual ramp.

Whistler provides a variety of accommodation options in terms of both accessibility needs and price points. For more information, visit the Tourism Whistler website or contact 1-800-944-7853.

View Whistler’s accessible transportation and service options below:

Please note that the below list is for information purposes only. The RMOW does not own or have legal control over these third-party service providers. 

If you are a service provider that has accessible services, and would like to be added to the list,  please email

The list of third-party service providers is for information purposes only.  The Resort Municipality of Whistler does not own or have legal control over these third-party entities. 

Air Travel

Most airlines offer accessibility services.  Canadian air carriers are subject to Parts 1, 2 and 3 of of the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations for all flights they operate to, from and within Canada. This addresses areas such as communication, self-service kiosks, training, services, and accessible equipment and aircraft.  Be sure to check the airline’s accessibility policy and services before booking.

Once at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), assistance may be pre-booked.  Visit the Vancouver International Airport website for more information on accessibility services.

Whistler Air Service

As planes are float planes, must be able to stand to board planes.

Shuttles to Whistler

Currently, there are not shuttle service providers that offer wheelchair accessible transportation.  

Rental Vehicles

Delta wheelchair vans

All rental vans have access ramps and space for a wheelchair in the front passenger area. There is a limited number of vehicles with transfer seats and hand controls. All vehicles can be driven by able-bodied individuals. Avis Car Rental Hand controls or lift is available if requested in advance. KJ Limousines Accessible car rental of the MV-1-vehicles; only available without hand controls. VanWest Charters Has fully equipped, certified wheelchair accessible mini buses that can accommodate 2-4 wheelchairs and 10-16 additional passengers.

Temporary accessible parking pass program is for visitors who have forgotten their accessible parking placard or for residents with short term mobility disabilities.  Temporary passes are available for purchase at Municipal Hall for $26 and are valid up to a maximum of three months.  Applicants must have proof of disability (doctor’s note) for non-visible disability.  Please call 604-932-5535

Taxis and limousines

Whistler Limousine

Must be able to transfer from a wheelchair as the service does not accommodate the person travelling within the vehicle while in a wheelchair. Luxury Transport Must book at least 72 hours in advance.

Resort Cabs

Must request wheelchair accessible vehicle.


Rocky Mountaineer

Lift is only 26 inches wide. Operates only in the summer.

Whistler has many reserved accessible parking spaces.  Vehicles may park in the following accessible parking spaces with a valid SPARC or recognized permit.   Please note, a valid permit is required and the permit holder is travelling with the vehicle. 

The accessible parking spaces include:

  • 5 spaces in Day Lot 1
  • 9 spaces in Day Lot 2
  • 10 spaces in Day Lot 3
  • 6 spaces in Day Lot 4
  • 4 spaces in Day Lot 5

There are also a number of accessible parking spaces located throughout Whistler Village and Marketplace, which are marked on the Access Whistler Map. Additionally there is over-height accessible parking at Whistler Town Plaza. The maximum height is 12.2 feet or 3.7 metres and includes elevator access to the Village Stroll. The parking garage can be accessed from Main Street beside the Whistler Public Library or from Blackcomb Way beside Millennium Place. For hourly, daily or overnight rates, contact Advanced Parking

Accessible parking permits

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) honours out-of-province and out-of-country designated parking permits.

Visitors can bring permits issued from their home community. Parking permits issued by the officially recognized issuing agencies from any of the provinces and territories in Canada, countries of the European Union, and the U.S. can be used in British Columbia.

Did you forget your parking permit decal?  Temporary accessible parking permits can be purchased from Municipal Hall if forgotten or lost. The cost of the pass is $26 and valid for a maximum of three months. Any non-visual disability will require a doctor’s note. The passes can be purchased from Municipal Hall, 4325 Blackcomb Way, during office hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Accessible Parking Permits for Persons with Disabilities are provided through a joint initiative between the RMOW and the Richmond Centre for Disability. Apply for an Accessible Visitor Parking Permit Application. Find information about the Whistler Visitor Parking Permit Application Information.

Accessible Gas Stations

There are two accessible gas stations located in Whistler. One is located in the south in the Creekside neighborhood and the other is in the north in the Rainbow neighborhood.

  • South – Whistler Husky Market is an accessible gas station located at 2101 Lake Placid Road in Whistler Creekside. There is always an attendant available 24-hours to assist with re-fueling. Honk your car horn for assistance, use the intercom button at the gas pump or phone them directly at 604-932-3959 and let the employees know which gas pump you are using.
  • North – Whistler Chevron Market is an accessible gas station located at 8110 Crazy Canuck Drive in Rainbow. There is an attendant available between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. to assist with re-fueling.  Phone them directly at 604-962-2090 and let the employees know which gas pump you are using.

All Whistler Transit System vehicles are accessible.  

Route buses have lifts or low floors to help passengers get on and off. Benches at the front can be raised, allowing mobility aids to strap in. For those who need help finding the right stop, the bus driver will call it out. When you get on the bus, please let the driver know what you need.

If you wish to take an orientation, one of our trainers will show you how to use the equipment on the bus and how to communicate with the driver so your ride is as seamless as possible. The orientations are free and we recommend them to anyone who feels they would like a walk through.

For more information on transit accessibility, visit BC Transit’s accessibility page. Should you have any concerns or complaints about the accessibility of the service, please utilize the “Report a Concern” button found at the top right of the screen of BC Transit’s accessibility page.

For route, schedule and ticket information, visit

Locations of accessible public washrooms are listed on the Access Whistler Map. Most hotels have accessible public washroom facilities just off their main lobbies.

Access Whistler Map

The Access Whistler Map was created to show users the most accessible entrances into the Village Stroll and assist users to locate ramps up to the concourse levels, entrances to shops, restaurants and hotels.

The Access Whistler Map works in conjunction with ramp signs, facilitating the accessible movement of people through the Village to access ramps, elevators, accessible washrooms, the mountains and into the trail network system. It was developed with the premise of providing useful information to empower the best decision-making for people of all abilities.

Wayfinding improvements

Throughout Whistler Village, wayfinding improvements have been implemented for persons with disabilities, including:

  • Audible intersection crossing signals;
  • Tactile curb cuts; and
  • Signage at stairs to demonstrate where ramp access is located for buildings on the elevated levels.

Whistler is also in the process of testing new standards for accessible sidewalks.

Service Specifics Provider Contact
Emergency Support Text to 9-1-1 service for people who are deaf, deaf blind, hard of hearing or have a speech impediment Must register your cellphone with your cell phone company (e.g. TELUS, Bell, Rogers) prior to making an emergency 9-1-1 call Click on this link(link is external) to register.
Personal care Personal home care We Care Home Health sends e-mail)



Personal care Personal care, wound care, rehab assistance. Limited availability and requires advanced booking. Howe Sound Home Support 604-815-6859

Childcare for children with disabilities

Trained childcare workers for children with special needs. Advanced booking recommended

Babysitting Whistler sends e-mail)



Health and Medical

Emergency medical centre

Whistler Diagnostic Centre


Health and Medical


Town Plaza Medical Clinic



Health and Medical


Shoppers Drug Mart



Health and Medical Pharmacy, including rental of Wheelchairs & Crutches – pickup at Squamish location only Shoppers Drug Mart Squamish


1339 Pemberton Ave., Squamish

Open 8 a.m. to midnight

Health and Medical

Pharmacy, including rental of Wheelchairs & Crutches

Rexall Pharmacy

Village Square: 604-932-4251

Marketplace: 604-932-2303

Adaptive Equipment Loan Program

Wheelchairs, shower chairs, crutches and other assistive daily living equipment.

Requires a referral form to be completed by Healthcare Professional

Canadian Red Cross

See Squamish location on website(link is external)


Hours of Operation

Mon/Wed/Fri 9 a.m.–12 p.m.


Adaptive Equipment Rentals

Hand-cycles, sit-skis, wheelchairs, lifts, adaptive sport lessons

Whistler Adaptive Sports Program

604-905-4493 sends e-mail) is external)

Adaptive Equipment Rentals Wheelchairs, shower chairs and hand cycles Access Sea to Sky

604-905-2570 sends e-mail)

Health and Medical Oxygen Sabre Rentals

604-932-5583 sends e-mail)

Health and Medical

Medical supplies. Next day delivery available.



Advocate and Resource Provider Services and resources for people with cognitive and development disabilities Community Living BC

Website(link is external)


Advocate and Resource Provider Services and resources for people with spinal cord injuries Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI-BC) Website(link is external)
Advocate and Resource Provider Services and resources for people who are blind or who have low vision Canada’s National Institute for the Blind

Website(link is external)


Advocate and Resource Provider Services and resources for people who are dear or hard of hearing Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility

Website(link is external)


TTY: 604-736-2527

Visitor information and assistance

Tourism Whistler manages the Whistler Visitor Information Centre, located at 4230 Gateway Drive. Staff can provide first-hand knowledge about local services, maps, events, accommodation and transportation. 

The RMOW’s Village Hosts are also readily available to help. Look for the smiling faces in red jackets throughout the Village Stroll to provide first-hand knowledge about local business, services and directions. Village Host kiosks are located by the Starbucks south of Village Square and at Whistler Olympic Plaza beside the inclusive playground.

Contact the Village Host Program at 604-935-8478 during regular business hours.


Planning Department

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