Infill Housing

Recommendation #6: Infill Housing

Allow for infill options in existing market neighbourhoods
Infill housing opportunities could add up to 50 new resident dwelling units within existing residential neighbourhoods. Carefully considering increased densification in single family neighbourhoods will help to address the loss of market homes historically more available to locals for rental and ownership and provide the opportunity for existing owners to stay in the community and “age in place”, while releasing equity in their homes.

Five recommended infill strategies

  1. Permitting stratification of detached and attached suites;
  2. Permitting subdivision of larger lots;
  3. Expanding areas where duplexes are permitted;
  4. Allowing up to two suites (attached or detached) for single family homes; and
  5. Allocating resident-restricted bed units where required to accommodate the first four recommendations and creating a range of restrictions on new dwellings created under recommendations one through four to ensure resident housing objectives are achieved.

Approach and consultation strategy

The approach and consultation strategy will be developed as part of the project’s 2020 work plan.

Housing Task Force Recommendations

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