Whistler Housing Survey

The 2021 Housing Survey was undertaken to explore how residential homes in Whistler are being used to help inform Whistler’s future community planning in two ways:

  • To measure the current and potential future availability of housing for the resort’s workforce to inform future supply that may be needed; and
  • To understand the frequency of use by Whistler’s second homeowners to assist in planning future services and infrastructure for the whole community.

As Whistler continues to evolve and adapt to a changing environment, including recovery beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, the municipality is seeking to better understand the impacts over time, on how existing homes are used throughout the community. The pandemic, together with increasing technology, remote working and other trends, can all play a role in changing the utilization of homes, which impacts who is living in Whistler both on a full-time, part-time, seasonal or occasional basis.  With potential shifts in the population and demographics, this has implications for different services and amenities in the community.

The survey results can be found here: Housing Survey Memo

These findings informed Whistler’s Housing Needs Report as well as other ongoing initiatives in the municipality, including the Balance Model Initiative.

See below for a high level summary of the survey findings:

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