Bus services to and from Whistler

Gateway Loop image by Justa Jeskova
Gateway Loop in Whistler village.

Leave the driving to and from Whistler to someone else! Take a shuttle bus between Vancouver and Whistler so you can relax and enjoy the views along the Sea to Sky highway. 

Gateway Loop

The Gateway Loop is the main entry point into Whistler Village and welcomes an average of 5,000 people per day. Located behind the Village Square and between Gateway Drive and Village Gate Boulevard, this transportation hub for Whistler’s taxis and private bus services is where you can find the Whistler Visitor’s Centre. 

A site redesign was successfully completed in 2017 involving public and stakeholder input. The new design improves the movement of pedestrians and vehicles, increases bus parking, adds shelter, and creates a more welcoming arrival experience.

Shuttle services

Shuttle transportation is offered through private coach companies with scheduled service between Vancouver and Whistler. Find and book a shuttle.

Commercial bus operators

While it is up to individual coach operators to decide where to park their bus while it is in Whistler, six locations are recommended. Learn more.

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