Gateway Loop Improvement Project


Gateway Loop Roof Completion

  • Work to complete the roof structure is substantially complete
  • Bus pick-up and drop-off will move to the bus bays in the inner loop on June 29
  • Taxi operations wil return to the outer loop on June 29

Bus Parking/Staging Options

  • Ten commercial bus parking spots will be available in Day Lot 4 from December 15, 2017 to April 15, 2018.
  • Commercial bus parking rate is $5 per hour to a maximum of $25 per day.
  • Alternative free parking is available along the west side of Mons Road or in the third and fourth parking lots at Spruce Grove Park (permitted areas for bus parking will be signed).


Located behind the Village Square and between Gateway Drive and Village Gate Boulevard, the Gateway Loop is where you can find the Whistler Visitor Centre and it is the main transportation hub for Whistler's taxis and private bus services. A redesign of the site began in 2014 and was based on community input with the goal of providing visitors with a smooth introduction to Whistler while increasing the functionality of the Gateway Loop for buses, taxis personal vehicles and pedestrians. 

The new Gateway Loop design was selected with public and stakeholder input and based on the following criteria:

  • Substantially improve the arrival experience, capacity and usability of this area by bus and taxi users.
  • Improve the connection and integration of this area to prominent adjacent Village access points.
  • Improve the sense of arrival to Whistler for all visitors travelling along Village Gate Boulevard.
  • Support improved pedestrian and vehicle flows in this key arrival and departure area.


Donna Savage
RMOW Project Liaison
604-935-8477 - office
604-905-9462 - cell

This project is supported by the Province of British Columbia's Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI).

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Hi there, I drive for Whistler Taxi and just curious when we can use the new loop?
After next Monday it looks like. Thanks and it's looking good too.

Hi Doug, Taxi and bus service has resumed at the Gateway Loop.

Homeowner at 8440 Bear Paw Trail
* I attended the last council meeting and there were no specifics given regarding the request for an additional 300k to complete this project. Mr. Fury stated that the project would not be completed without it. One has to believe that it is needed for the completion of the roof structure. What reasons are being given for the cost over-runs on this project?

Hi Dawn,

The 2018 project budget is $960,000, which includes a $600,000 unspent carry over from 2017 and an actual increase for 2018 of approximately $260,000. The budget increase is due to some minor changes to the scope of the work and some anticipated costs associated with the delayed completion of the project. Staff intend to push the delay costs to the contractors and consultants that are responsible for the delays as much as possible under the contract terms.