Gateway Loop Improvement Project

For the duration of the construction all bus and shuttle operations will be relocated to Day Lot 3 (expected to be until June 30). For the comfort and convenience of visitors, the site will include a taxi staging area, portable toilets and a Visitor Information Kiosk. A plan of the Lot 3 area can be found here.

Provisional access to the site will be provided based on the plan found here. 

June 19, 2017 Operational Update 

  • Asphalt work is scheduled to begin Monday, June 26 (dependent on dry weather) and traffic disruptions are expected. Traffic control measures and arrangements will be in place for businesses that are directly affected.
  • One way traffic will occur Monday, June 26 on Gateway Drive and will be managed by traffic control personnel.
  • Crews will be working this Saturday, June 24. No work will occur on Saturday, July 1 or Monday, July 3.
  • Some localized work will be completed after the July 1 weekend including line painting, planting, and additional signage.   

Operational Plan for Lot 3

  • Lot 3 is for pick up and drop off only, there is no allowance for bus staging on site
  • There is allowance for taxi staging at Lot 3
  • Lot 3 is intended for all transfers that previously occurred in the Gateway Loop Area
  • There are porta-potties on site
  • Tourism Whistler is staffing a Visitor Information Kiosk onsite


Located behind the Village Square and between Gateway Drive and Village Gate Boulevard, the Gateway Loop is where you can find the Whistler Visitor Centre and it is the main transportation hub for Whistler's taxis and private bus services. A redesign of the site began in 2014 and was based on community input with the goal of providing visitors with a smooth introduction to Whistler while increasing the functionality of the Gateway Loop for buses, taxis personal vehicles and pedestrians. 

The new Gateway Loop design was selected with public and stakeholder input and based on the following criteria:

  • Substantially improve the arrival experience, capacity and usability of this area by bus and taxi users.
  • Improve the connection and integration of this area to prominent adjacent Village access points.
  • Improve the sense of arrival to Whistler for all visitors travelling along Village Gate Boulevard.
  • Support improved pedestrian and vehicle flows in this key arrival and departure area.

While construction is underway the goal is to:

  • Anticipate and mitigate the impact of construction activites on the businesses, visitors and residents.
  • Ensure proactive, accurate, up-to-date information reaches the public and stakeholders, so they can plan ahead and adapt to construction related impacts prior to and during the construction period.

During construction the business community, visitors, and residents should expect:

  • Access to the Gateway Loop to be restricted.
  • All buses and shuttles will be diverted to the northeastern section of Day Lot 3 for pick ups and drop offs. 
  • Delays, parking restrictions and/or single-lane alternating traffic in the Gateway Loop and adjacent areas, as well as construction dust and noise.
  • The RMOW will work to minimize disruptions whenever possible.


Donna Savage
RMOW Project Liaison
604-935-8477 - office
604-905-9462 - cell

This project is supported by the Province of British Columbia's Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI).

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