Municipal parking locations

Paying for parking in Whistler Village

There are several metered parking areas in Whistler.

They are a great option for residents and visitors looking to:

  • go shopping
  • grab lunch
  • meet a friend
  • go out for dinner
  • Pay for Parking “touch-free” with PayByPhone

Parking map

View a map of parking locations

Rates for municipal parking:

  • New parking rates in effect April 3, 2023 have been updated below.
Location One Hour Two Hours Three Hours Four Hours 24 Hours Evenings
(5 p.m. – 10 p.m.)
Monthly Maximum Stay
Sundial Crescent $2.50 1 hr
Visitor’s Loop $2.50 1 hr
Main Street $2.50 $5 2 hrs
Blackcomb Way $2.50 $5 2 hrs
Municipal Hall $2.50 $5 2 hrs
Village Green/ Crystal Lodge $2.50 $5 2 hrs
Conference Centre/Surface Lot $2.50 $5 2 hrs
Conference Centre/ Underground
Max Height 6.10 feet/2.08 metres
$2.50 $5 $7.50 $10 $25 $6.25 $88 24 hrs
Library Underground
Max Height 7.2 feet/2.2 metres
$2.50 $5 $7.50 $10 $25 $6.25 24 hr

Smart Park Meters

Following the closure of the company managing Smart Park technology, as of June 15 2019, the RMOW has stopped using Smart Park meters as a valid method of payment. We are also unable to refund any amounts remaining on meters. Smart Park card or meters may be recycled at the Nester’s Waste Depot. Please use Paybyphone or parking meters to pay for parking which are available at all Municipal paid parking Locations.

Day Lots

In addition to metered parking locations, there is parking available for day use in Day Lots 1 to 5 in Whistler Village. Year round rates apply to parking in Day Lots 1 to 5.

Private parking lots

There are several smaller parking lots in Whistler. They are not run by the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

  • Whistler Village also has more than 1,200 privately owned underground parking stalls.
  • Hotels offer pay parking for guests and visitors
  • Over-height underground parking is available at Whistler Town Plaza. The maximum height is 12.2 feet or 3.7 metres (including accessible parking)
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