Holiday recycling

How to recycle holiday packaging

Between wrapping presents, decorating, and cooking, the holidays create a lot of waste.

Reduce your waste during the festive season with these ideas:

  • Give the gift of an experience, which will create memories not waste. Try skating at Whistler Olympic Plaza, cross country skiing, or one of the many activities Whistler has to offer. Hand-crafted items and event tickets are great options as well. Find more ideas.
  • Recycled material often makes the most interesting packaging. When wrapping gifts, reduce waste by reusing old newspapers, boxes, fabric or containers. Find more ideas.
  • Avoid creating waste with holiday decorations. Choose natural options, such as greenery and pinecones or buy vintage decorations to give your home a personal touch. Making decorations can also provide a fun break.
  • Be sure to remove tape and ribbons when recycling gift wrap. Foil wrap cannot be recycled, so look for recycled paper options when shopping for gift wrap. 
  • Plan your meals to save time, money and avoid food waste. Pick up a compost bin for yourself today if you don’t have one, to avoid getting on Santa’s naughty list.

Don’t forget the tree!

From December 26 to January 13, Christmas trees can be dropped off at the Nesters and Function Junction waste depots.

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