Covered picnic shelters

Acorn Picnic Shelter at Florence Petersen Park, PC: Mike Crane

Covered picnic shelters are available at Whistler Olympic Plaza and Village Square to provide a weather-protected space for guests to consume food purchased from local establishments.

Please dress for the outdoors, as the shelters are not intended to provide a fully weather protected space. 

The shelters are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Users are asked to clear their tables and properly dispose of waste at nearby bins. Municipal staff will clean the tables regularly, and clear snow from around the shelters. Support local businesses by planning an outdoor dining experience with takeout from one of Whistler’s many open food and beverage establishments.


The shelters are constructed from cedar and Douglas fir wood. A small amount of plexiglass is used for improved visibility and snow management. Both ends of the shelters are “open” for ventilation, security and ease of access purposes.

The picnic shelters were part of the municipality’s pandemic response and are an extension of the summer picnic table service provided in various locations across the Village.