Mayor’s Task Force on Resident Housing

The Mayor’s Task Force on Resident Housing was a Select Committee of Council of local stakeholder organizations and community representatives–each in a unique position to contribute to the understanding, evaluation, planning and implementation of Whistler’s resident housing actions.

The Task Force was initiated in November 2016, following the adoption of the Terms of Reference on October 18, 2016, with the objective to analyze Whistler’s employee housing needs and make informed recommendations to Council for specific initiatives to pursue. The Task Force engaged in an extensive process convening six times, in addition to a number of sub-committee working groups. Significant research was conducted, and the resort community provided input through a community survey on housing needs, culminating in a set of recommended actions from the Task Force.

Task Force Final Report

Previous Committee Members

Chair: Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden

Council Representative: Councillor John Grills

Representation will come from the following:

  • Marla Zucht, General Manager of Whistler Housing Authority 
  • Michael Hutchison, Chair of Whistler Housing Authority Board 
  • Ian Lowe, Director of the Hotel Association of Whistler
  • Kevin Wallace, President of the Restaurant Association of Whistler 
  • Ray Longmuir, Director of the Real Estate Association of Whistler 
  • Nicole Shannon, President of the Whistler Association of Retailers and Merchants 
  • Melissa Pace, CEO of Whistler Chamber of Commerce 
  • Barrett Fisher, CEO of Tourism Whistler 
  • Dave Brownlie, CEO of Whistler Blackcomb 
  • Cheryl Skribe, Executive Director of the Whistler Community Services Society 
  • Mike Furey, CAO of Resort Municipality of Whistler 
  • Mike Kirkegaard, Director of Planning, Resort Municipality of Whistler 
  • Ben Smith, Community member-at-large
  • Terry Deutscher, Community member-at-large

Committee Staff

  • Toni Metcalf, Economic Development Officer, RMOW
  • Jocelyn Chen, Economic Development Analyst, RMOW

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

*Mayor’s Task Force on Resident Housing may be subject to Section 90 of the Community Charter.

November 16, 2017November 16, 2017 Closed Agenda
September 11, 2017September 11, 2017 Closed Agenda
June 1, 2017June 1, 2017 Closed Agenda
January 23, 2017January 23, 2017 Closed Agenda
December 16, 2016December 16, 2016 Closed Agenda
November 7, 2016November 7, 2016 Closed Agenda


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