Respectful workplace policy

The Resort Municipality of Whistler is committed to providing excellent customer service and a healthy, safe and caring work environment for staff. All people are to be treated with respect, honesty and dignity. Behaviour and situations that run contrary to this treatment will not be tolerated.

What is considered disrespectful or abusive behaviour?

At the RMOW we expect to receive feedback and complaints from the public. While we encourage people to provide feedback about RMOW processes and operations, it must be delivered in a respectful way. When feedback or complaints become personal, rude, mean, or scary this is the distinction of crossing the line from a complaint to abuse.

Disrespectful and abusive behaviour can take many forms, here are some examples:

  • offensive or inappropriate remarks or gestures;
  • yelling;
  • belittling;
  • aggressive or patronizing behaviour;
  • photographing, filming, or recording RMOW staff without their permission; and
  • embarrassing or humiliating behaviour.

What is the process for responding to, recording, and elevating disrespectful and/or abusive

Disrespectful and/or abusive behaviours is not tolerated. Anyone behaving in this manner will be told their behavior is not welcome and they will not receive any service or response or follow up until they communicate their request in a respectful way. In all cases, the Chief Administrative Officer will be told about any issues, following the RMOW respectful workplace policy.

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