Small Steps for Big Moves

Big Moves

Whistler is Making BIG MOVES for our Climate

When we act together, Small Steps become BIG MOVES

We know community members want to take action to address climate change, so the RMOW, in partnership with Whistler’s environmental charity AWARE and others, has created the ‘Small Steps for BIG MOVES’ campaign – 12 months of climate actions we can each take to reduce emissions and make Whistler a more climate resilient community. 

We want to make it easy for everyone to act as ambassadors for climate action with your family, friends, and community.

Each month we will: 

  • Highlight Small Steps we can take towards Whistler’s six BIG MOVES
  • Create space to “ask us how” of community members already taking action 
  • Boost Whistler’s climate action know-how with timely and topical “quick facts”
  • Offer you a chance to win prizes by sharing your Small Steps for BIG MOVES

The actions we each choose to adopt may differ, but the important thing is that we all act… because when we act together, our Small Steps become BIG MOVES.

Be part of Whistler’s climate action BIG MOVES by exploring 12 months of community actions. There’s lots to choose from, so pick a few that work for you and focus on those, or try a different “Small Step” each month to see what sticks.

Bookmark this page (, because new content will be added every month.

This January, let’s:

Decarbonize our diet

This February, let’s:

Turn down the heat

This March, let’s:

Switch it off

This April, let’s:

Choose to reuse

This May, let’s:

Go by bike

This June, let’s:

Embrace the Valley Trail

This July, let’s:

Be water wise

This August, let’s:

Love food, hate waste

This October, let’s:

Love this place, reduce our waste

This December, let’s:

Green our gifting

Tell us your Small Steps for BIG MOVES!

Each month we want to hear from you. 

  • What recommended steps did you adopt? 
  • Any lessons learned, ideas for improvement or top tips to share with others? 

Each month we will put everyone who shares their stories into a random draw for the chance to win and pick one of 3 prizes:

  • a one month bus pass;
  • a one month Meadow Park Sports Centre pass; or
  • a Lost Lake Cross Country Skiing (Evening) Season Pass.

View the RMOW contest rules

Given the urgency and scale of action necessary to address the climate challenge, Whistler’s ‘Climate Action BIG MOVES Strategy’ was adopted by council in 2020. Whistler’s BIG MOVES identify the six most impactful action areas we need to focus on as a community to address climate change. The priorities were identified from the existing Community Energy and Climate Action Plan (CECAP).

Whistler’s BIG MOVES are:

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