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Big Moves

The Climate Action Big Moves Strategy focuses on transportation, buildings, and waste, and articulates the key strategies Whistler will need to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet its targets. The Big Moves approach is being used by many other leading cities and communities, so Whistler is in good company as it embarks on this strategic path.

The recommended 2030 target for Whistler is a 50 percent GHG reduction below 2007 emissions, meaning that by 2030, emissions are capped at 66,500 t-CO2e. 

We all have a role to play

Learn about each Big Move, find out how to take action where it matters most and stay up to date on the community’s progress towards achieving it’s climate targets—all guided by the Big Moves Climate Action Implementation Plan

Big Moves Intro & Background

This strategy focuses on climate change mitigation priorities that will accelerate climate action in Whistler and achieve significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

1. Move beyond the car

Goal: By 2030, 50 per cent of all trips in Whistler are by transit and active transport

2. Decarbonize passenger and commercial transport

Goal: By 2030, 50 per cent of all vehicle kilometres travelled are from zero-emission vehicles.

3. Reduce visitor travel emissions

Goal: By 2030, Whistler demonstrates leadership in redefining tourism in a low carbon world.

4. Build zero emission buildings

Goal: By 2030, all new buildings achieve the top step in B.C.’s Energy Step Code, use only low carbon heating systems, and embodied carbon emissions drop by 40 per cent.

5. Make existing buildings better

Goal: By 2030, reduce emissions from residential buildings by 20 per cent and from large commercial buildings by 40 per cent.

6. Close the loop and shift toward lower carbon consumption

Goal: By 2030, reduce waste sector emissions by 95 per cent and reduce embodied emissions from products and services.

Small steps for Big Moves: 12 months of personal climate action

We know community members want to take action to address climate change so the RMOW, in partnership with Whistler’s environmental charity AWARE,  has created “Small Steps for BIG MOVES” – 12 months of climate actions we can each take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make Whistler a more climate resilient community.

Rebates & financial incentives

Find out how you can cash in on energy rebates and other financial incentives by shifting to lower-carbon homes, buildings and vehicles.

Climate action background

Building on the work of the Community Energy and Climate Action Plan (CECAP), the Big Moves strategy focuses on climate change mitigation priorities that will accelerate climate action in Whistler and achieve significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

Big Moves strategy development

Learn about the development of the Big Moves strategy and the three phases of the project.

Our 2030 targets

With Whistler unable to meet its 2020 target, and the next target not applying for another 30 years, a medium-term target is needed to better assess Whistler&rsquo;s climate performance and to increase accountability.

Implementation, monitoring and accountability

A robust implementation and monitoring plan is critical to ensure that the Climate Action Big Moves Strategy becomes effectively operationalized.


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