Medium: Bronze

Credit(s): Susan Point

Art ID: 136

Year: 2016

The Resort Municipality of Whistler commissioned a sculpture to celebrate Whistler’s involvement in the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the community’s role as Host Mountain Resort.

Through an extensive, two-stage, open, juried competition process, artists were invited to submit proposals. A shortlist of proposals was selected and those artists were compensated to develop their ideas further. Finally, the jury selected a proposal called “A Timeless Circle” by Susan Point. Susan Point is an internationally known artist based in Vancouver. Her personal experience of the Games inspired her to participate in the competition. Her proposal for a bronze sculpture made up of many faces reflects the community’s experience of the Games bringing people from around the world to Vancouver and Whistler.

The process to create the art involves carving in cedar the numerous, unique faces and then casting the work in bronze.

With the creation of the RMOW’s Cultural Connector initiative, the Timeless Circle location was shifted to be part of that route, beside Whistler’s cultural hub,  the Maury Young Arts Centre (formerly Millennium Place), and across from the Audain Art Museum. Timeless Circle will be a destination along the route connecting Whistler’s cultural assets, from the Library in the west to the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre to the east.

Public art nearby:

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