Medium: Bronze

Credit(s): Paul Harder

Art ID: 134

Year: 2010


As part of the concept for an inclusive playground that reflects the nature of this region, the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) sought to include a tactile experience in the form of a bronze animal. Artist Paul Harder was selected to create two lynx that would look to each other from the sides of a playground path.

The lynx (bobcat) was chosen because it is a child-sized animal and not as commonly represented in local art as other animals. Paul Harder’s art is known for being focussed on realistic representations of wildlife. In this case, he created two richly-textured sculptures that have child appeal without being cartoonish. The sculptures’ bronze patinas will age with time and with interaction. 

For more information on the creation of the inclusive playground, view the description for ART-ID# 133.

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