Medium: Mural

Credit(s): Dave Petko

Art ID: 160

Year: 2021


A  multi-coloured, large scale mural was painted on the public washroom facility at Whistler Olympic Plaza in Spring 2021. The mural spans all three sections of the backside of the building, each standing at 4.3 meters tall.

Entitled Quartz-Chromatic, the piece was created by Whistler-based artist Dave Petko based on the idea of light refraction and dispersion from quartz, a mineral found in the Sea to Sky corridor. The mural features an acrylic gradient of warm to cool tones that wash over iconic flora and fauna from the area, including a Douglas fir, hemlock, cedar, lupine flowers, black bear, lynx, grey jay and raven.

Petko submission was chosen by a selected jury of art representatives from the Whistler community, following a Request for Proposal issued by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) in February 2021. Creation of the piece was funded through the Province of British Columbia’s Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI).

Public art nearby:

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