Medium: Bronze, aluminum railings

Credit(s): Kip Jones and Jennifer Macklem

Art ID: 138

Year: 1998

Sightlines was one of the first projects completed when the Resort Municipality of Whistler introduced a public art program. This project and Glacial Traces were integrated into the development of Village Park East in the newly developed Village North area of Whistler. The art proposals were selected through an open, juried competition process.

Artists Kip Jones and Jennifer Macklem were selected to create an interactive bronze sculpture series and stainless steel handrails at the bridge and at the lookout. Twenty bronze objects were created and mounted to spin on posts along the railings. The bronze objects were created to represent how we observe and interact with our environment at a microscopic and a macroscopic scale. Since its opening, Sightlines has always drawn people to touch, view and spin the objects. 

Public art nearby:

  • 137 Olympic Rings a few metres to the north at Whistler Olympic Plaza
  • 139 Glacial Traces along the ground in Village Park East including the pavement patterns and the glass snowflakes found to the east by Blackcomb Way
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