Medium: Aluminum

Credit(s): Robert Tully

Art ID: 123

Year: 2006

This sculpture was the first selected for a rotating art collection. As Whistler’s public squares are used for events and snow clearing, the municipality keeps these open spaces quite open and unfettered by permanent features, seating or art. Encouraged by neighbourhood businesses, the municipality created a project to place art and seating in the centre of Village Square in the summer. Footings below the pavement were added to allow for stable, seasonal or periodic displays.

A competition was staged to select a sculpture. The artists were made aware of the need to anchor the art to specific points in the ground and the need to shift the art to a second site for part of the year. Through the competition process, artist Robert Tully of Colorado was selected for his proposal “Three Interwoven Wishbones and Wishes.” The three curving, metal wishbone shapes are linked and reach up to 5 metres (17 feet) tall. At the top you will see three spheres that represent wishes. As the artist explained, “I created the sculpture seeking a concept that was wistful, nature related and meaningful.”

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