Construction begins soon on Village entrance washroom facility

Publication Date: April 15, 2021


Construction has begun on a permanent, public washroom facility at the main entrance to Whistler Village.

Once complete, the washroom facility will provide:

  • three inclusive/universal/family compartments
  • three women’s toilets (with one being accessible)
  • three men’s urinals and two men’s toilets (with one being accessible)
  • durable fixtures and finishes

Combined with the new PassivHaus and Whistler Olympic Plaza washroom facilities, this will add 28 new public toilets in Whistler. 

Construction for all three facilities is funded entirely through the Province of British Columbia’s Resort Municipality Initiative funding which is provided to small, tourism-based municipalities to build and diversify their tourism infrastructure, deliver exceptional visitor experiences and incorporate sustainable tourism practices and products.

“Visitor feedback consistently highlights the need for more public washrooms that are easy to find and accessible. The Village entrance washroom facility is part of a multi-year strategy to meet this demand for more public washrooms. The facility will be accessible and include gender neutral facilities – helping ensure Whistler is safe and welcoming for all visitors,” said Whistler Mayor Jack Crompton. “I would like to thank the Province of British Columbia for making this project possible. The project is funded entirely from the Resort Municipality Initiative funding, which the province provides to eligible resort municipalities to support and grow tourism.”

The construction site will have a limited footprint to respect impact to the surrounding area. Additional measures will include traffic and pedestrian control and detour routes. 

Monitor construction tracker for updates on project status and major impacts.

All construction activities will be performed in accordance with municipal bylaws and the BC Provincial guidelines for COVID-19, with safe working practices implemented at all sites during all stages of the project.

Meeting significant demand from visitors for washrooms

Plans to build the Village entrance washroom facility have been in place for many years, as part of a larger, multi-year washroom strategy to meet the significant demand for public washrooms in Whistler Village – particularly among visitors. The washrooms are designed to be durable, easy to maintain and able to withstand Whistler’s heavy snow loads, as well as meet the design guidelines for Whistler Village.  

The washroom facility at PassivHaus opened this winter, and the washroom facility at Whistler Olympic Plaza is under construction and anticipated for opening this May. 

All efforts are also being made to leverage cost efficiencies during construction. The contract model used for 2020 construction has already realized significant savings, delivering the Passivhaus washroom on-time and within budget. The same contract model will be used for the Village Entrance washroom project.

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