Key upgrades coming to Whistler Parks

Publication Date: May 27, 2021

Publication Date: May 27, 2021

Improvements to parking lots on Alta Lake Road, new Western Toad underpass, and more

As part of the Whistler Summer Experience Plan the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is moving forward with several infrastructure upgrades this summer. This work is needed to maintain and enhance the Whistler park experience year-over-year, as well as balance the increasing demand on the park system,

This work includes: upgraded public parking lots on Alta Lake Road, new Western toad infrastructure, installation of five new docks and re-shaping of Fitzsimmons Bike Skills Park.

“Whistler’s park system is one of our biggest assets and continuing to refine what we have and build it for the demands of both today and tomorrow is essential,” said Whistler Mayor Jack Crompton. “This infrastructure work is being undertaken alongside planning to increase summer dispersion throughout our parks.” 

Parking lot upgrades on Alta Lake Road
Upgrades are being made to two public parking lots on Alta Lake Road including Rainbow Park and Rainbow Lake Trailhead Overflow. Rainbow Park will have limited parking and Rainbow Lake Trailhead Overflow will be closed to parking until construction is complete. 

Upgrades at the parking lot at Rainbow Park begin this week and continue until June 15. Work includes defining the drop-off and turnaround areas for the new weekend park shuttle, as well as implementation of pedestrian and cycling routes from Alta Lake Road to improve circulation and safety for all users.

Concurrent work to upgrade the sewer main on Alta Lake Road is also taking place south of Rainbow Park. Overflow parking is also not available on the shoulder of Alta Lake Road south of the driveway to Rainbow Park. Overall, vehicle access to the park is constrained and walking or cycling to the park is highly recommended.

Construction on Rainbow Lake Trailhead Overflow’s parking lot begins June 2 and will take approximately one week. Upgrades include levelling, grading and compacting for immediate use. Please note: The main Rainbow Lake Trailhead parking lot will remain open, with approximately 20 stalls. Additional upgrades are being contemplated for 2022.

Please follow all signage and avoid illegal parking. Bylaw Services will be actively monitoring these areas.

Five new docks
Several new docks will be installed throughout the Whistler valley this summer.

Rainbow Park will see the installation of a new dock at the north end of the beach area. A hard surface accessible path to the new dock will be implemented in 2022 as part of larger park and lawn drainage improvements.

At Lost Lake Park, three older floating swim docks will be replaced this summer.

As well, Alta Lake Heritage Park will get a new accessible dock and an ADA-approved (Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design) boat launch system to replace the aging existing southern dock.

New Western toad infrastructure
The RMOW is continuing to expand the infrastructure at Lost Lake to help the Western toads, a sensitive species native to British Columbia, with their annual summer migration.

This year, a second toad underpass will be built on the east side of the Lost Lake Loop, just north of the washrooms. A new log barrier between the beach and the lawn area will also be installed, along with new toad fencing to help direct the migration routes away from the park lawn areas and towards the safe passage underpasses.

Construction will take place starting Tuesday, May 25 and be complete before Saturday, June 5.  The portion of Lost Lake Loop Trail between Lost Lake Beach and Barking Bay will be closed, with a detour route along a small boardwalk and trail located on the west side of Lost Lake.

Last year, a new culvert under the Valley Trail was installed and a toad boardwalk was constructed under Blackcomb Creek Bridge. More infrastructure improvements are also planned for future years.

Re-shaping of Fitzsimmons Skills Bike Park
Fitzsimmons Skills Bike Park, located near the Day Lots, has received a tune up for the 2021 season.

All four zones have been reshaped for smoother riding – including the jump track, pump track, beginner skills area and intermediate skills area.

Ongoing updates about these construction projects and more are available at

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