Resort Municipality of Whistler approves 2024 Budget

Publication Date: December 21, 2023

Photo: Oisin McHugh

The Resort Municipality of Whistler has approved a $117 million annual operating budget for 2024.

This will require an overall property tax increase of 8.18 per cent, to cover inflation and service growth.

The budget includes $45.5 million in planned municipal projects, including launching of a rejuvenation for Meadow Park, a library collection expansion, and technology and staff solutions to improve building department applications, permits and inspections.

Market-competitive wages are also prioritized, to attract and retain much-needed talent.

Property taxes make up 60 per cent of RMOW recurring non-utilities funding, with hotel tax providing 9 per cent and the rest from non-tax revenue, like parking fees.

Projected average annual increases are:

$1 million residential property = $103
$4 million residential property = $414
$500,000 Whistler Housing Authority = $81

These estimates reflect the RMOW’s portion of the tax bill.

Property tax bills are based on the assessed value of an individual property, in relation to the market, and budget growth. They include utility fees, provincial school taxes, and taxes levied by other taxing authorities, the Province of B.C. and B.C. Assessment.

This year utility taxes and user fees will also rise at a rate of seven per cent for sewer, five per cent for solid waste and four per cent for water.

The updated final budget documents are available at