Builder’s Information Package

Home owners, designers, architects or contractors new to building residential projects in Whistler must be familiar with the Building Permit process. 

The Builder’s Information Package – A Guide to Building Residential Part 9 Projects in Whistler is a resource designed to assist in the preparation of a Building Permit application, and should be reviewed by home owners, designers, architects or contractors prior to beginning the Building Permit process in Whistler.

Reviewing this information package will give homeowners or contractors a general overview of the Building Permit process in Whistler, including the application process, the inspection process and the occupancy process.

The information covered in this package includes:

  • Application and drawing requirements;
  • Calculation of gross floor area and roof height;
  • Various specifications for building in Whistler;
  • Occupancy requirements; and
  • Other considerations to be made while constructing in Whistler such as Business Licence requirements and other relevant bylaws.

The Builder’s Information Package should be used in conjunction with Zoning Bylaw 303Building and Plumbing Regulation Bylaw 1617 and other applicable regulations and bylaws.

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