Frequently Requested Bylaws

Animal Control Bylaw

Building Alteration and Demolition Bylaw

Building and Plumbing Bylaw

Business Licence Bylaw

Business Regulation Bylaw

Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw

Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw

Cemetery Regulation Bylaw

Cheakamus Crossing District Energy System Fee Bylaw

Council Procedures Bylaw

Development Cost Charges Bylaws

Environmental Protection Bylaw

Fire and Security Alarm Systems Bylaw

Fire Protection and Fireworks Bylaw

Firearms Bylaw

Gambling Zoning Amendment Bylaw

Inspection and Testing of Fire Protection Equipment Bylaw

Land Use Procedures and Fees Bylaw

Municipal Ticket Information

Noise Bylaw


Outdoor Potable Water Use Bylaw

Parking Bylaw

Parks Bylaw

Pesticide Use Regulation Bylaw

Property Maintenance Bylaw

Removal and Deposit of Soil Bylaw

Sewer User Fee

Sign Bylaw

Skateboard and Bicycle Use Bylaw

Smoking Regulation Bylaw

Solid Waste Bylaw

Taxi and Vehicles for Hire Regulation Bylaw

Temporary Use Permits Bylaw

Tourist Accommodation Regulation Bylaws

Water User Fee, Water Meter Specifications Bylaw

Zoning and Parking Bylaw 303

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