Plumbing Application

Plumbing pipe photo

Submit an application to do plumbing works only.

A plumbing permit is required for the installation or alteration of a potable water service, sanitary service, storm service, underground plumbing and plumbing system, including the installation of plumbing fixtures.

Use this application if your scope of work is for: 

  • plumbing works only

and you do not need a Building Permit. This typically means you are: 

  • removing, replacing or installing plumbing fixtures,
  • installing or altering a potable water service, sanitary service, storm service, underground plumbing or other plumbing system.

If you need further clarification, please follow the steps for home owners or contractors and architects.

Note that approval from your strata is required when your scope of work affects common property. Typically roofs, walls and floors are considered common property, please consult your strata and the application checklist for further clarification.

All applications must be made in person at the RMOW Building Department front counter.  The completed application package is required at time of application. Consult the application checklist for additional requirements that may apply to your permit application.

Alta Lake Road Sewer Connection Plumbing Permit

Homeowner’s connecting to the new municipal sewer on Alta Lake Road require an Alta Lake Road Sewer Connection Plumbing Permit.  Please refer to the application checklist for all application requirements.  Click here for more information on the Alta Lake Road Sewer Upgrade Project.

Hydraulic Load Calculations

Download the RMOW Hydraulic Load Calculator – 2018 BC to calculate the total hydraulic load for your project. 

Cross Connection Control

The RMOW has adopted Cross Connection Control Bylaw No. 2233, 2019 and has moved to a paperless testing and compliance system. Learn more.

Residential Pressure Reducing Valves

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all water and sewer piping within their property’s boundaries. This includes having a pressure reducing valves (PRV) that is maintained and operational.

The RMOW is committed to minimizing any utility disruption to residents. Municipal water pressure can vary due to a range of factors, from preventative maintenance carried out by the municipality, to a water main break or a municipal emergency such as a fire. When this occurs, water pressure changes can strain internal plumbing fixtures if your PRV is not functioning.

The BC Plumbing Code requires each property to have a PRV, ​where static pressure exceeds 550kPa (80 PSI). They are available at local hardware and plumbing stores. Homeowners should have their PRV installed and maintained regularly by a professional plumber.

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