Medium: Mixed media construction

Credit(s): Jill Anholt

Art ID: 110

Year: 2001

Carving Turn

This sculpture is an abstract representation of a skier’s turn. Artist Jill Anholt based the sculpture on high speed photography of a turn. The sculpture is integrated into the landscape design of the World Cup Plaza and provides a dynamic backdrop for awards presentations, media and entertainment events.

Carving Turn and the adjacent Whisky Jack Balance were part of the major redevelopment of the Whistler Creekside mountain base area by the Intrawest development corporation. The development manager was a volunteer member of Whistler’s Public Art Committee at the time. Intrawest saw the value of incorporating art into the redevelopment of Creekside as place making elements and as landmarks in the complete transformation of the Creekside base area.

Whistler Creekside was the first mountain base to be developed in the resort development era. In 2010, the area was the venue for alpine skiing events at the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Public art nearby:

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