Medium: Stone carving

Credit(s): Patrick Sullivan

Art ID: 109

Year: 2006

Last Love

The sculpture represents the artist’s interest in the tradition of icons used in art, such as Celtic carving. This sculpture is infused with love for his wife. The granite sculpture is finished in various rough to smooth textures, providing a rich tactile experience.

The sculpture was commissioned by the Resort Municipality of Whistler through a juried, open competition public art process. This project is part of the Valley Trail / Neighbourhood series of sculptures, which mark the significance of the Valley Trail in linking Whistler’s neighbourhoods.

Artist Patrick Sullivan won a subsequent competition, which led to the creation of Last Love 2, 3, 4, 5. That series of carved stone columns, and a chess board bench, is part of a composition at Library Plaza, on Main Street in Whistler Village North. That series is inspired by the artists that have influenced Patrick Sullivan’s career.

The municipality also commissioned Patrick to create a stone chair and table set located at the inclusive playground in Village North. The game Owari is carved into the table, as part of a series of character furniture in the Village.

Public art nearby:

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