Medium: Ceramic tiles, wood construction

Credit(s): Penny Eder

Art ID: 116

Year: 2005

Cycling Salmon is located at the west end of Lorimer Road at the Valley Trail by the River of Golden Dreams.  Artist Penny Eder won the commission to create a tile sculpture along the Valley Trail in the Whistler Cay neighbourhood. Her project involved a community tile-making workshop. Those that participated were able to learn about the process and then freely express themselves with the clay tiles. Penny incorporated the community tiles with her own creations to form a sculpture that is about life in Whistler and in the adjacent River of Golden Dreams.

This sculpture was one of the first commissioned for the Valley Trail / Neighbourhood series, along with the Basalt Series you will find heading northeast along the Valley Trail to Meadow Park.

Periodically, the River of Golden Dreams will be filled with spawning Kokanee. Kokanee are Sockeye Salmon that live their whole lives in fresh water.  In an epic spawning year the nearby bridge will be filled with people watching the red fury of Kokanee spawning.  Visit the Whistler Naturalists’ website for articles on the Kokanee and other Whistler wildlife.

Public art nearby:

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