Medium: Bicycle tires, metal

Credit(s): James Smith

Art ID: 115

Year: 2009

This project was commissioned through a competition process for the Valley Trail / Neighbourhood series.

In this case, the artist was inspired by the nature of Whistler and the Valley Trail to recycle bicycle tires in the creation of three ravens.  His proposal captured essential elements of Whistler in combining cycling, recycling, wildlife and the Valley Trail.  His execution of the project included a public art event to involve people in the “feathering of the birds”.  The feathering involved screwing bicycle tires pieces onto the carved recycled plastic form of the bird body.  The event was held in Whistler Village and the art installed on cedar posts along the Valley Trail.

The position of the Ravens at either side of the Valley Trail near the Crabapple Creek bridge at the Whistler Golf Course can be a surprise for some people. Like Ravens, they perch in the trees, waiting for an opportunity.

Public art nearby:

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