Know before you go! What to expect in Whistler this spring

Publication Date: March 25, 2021

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As we see brighter, longer days moving into spring, the public is reminded that wet and winter conditions still exist within the Valley.

All municipal parks still have significant snow coverage and most summer facilities remain closed.  Park visitors are asked to refrain from walking on wet and thinly snow-covered lawn areas in an effort to support quicker grass regrowth and to facilitate the transition to summer operations.  

The following winter operations will also transition to spring operations:

  • Whistler Olympic Plaza (WOP) SnowZone will close on March 28.  The lawn in front of the WOP will be fenced off to prepare the site for summer use.  
  • Lost Lake Park cross country ski and snowshoe operations conclude March 25 and the park will reopen to all users, including pedestrians on March 26.  Please note, trails are to be used at your own risk.
  • Sections of the multi-use Valley Trail are no longer groomed for skiers and will be plowed and sanded regularly.  These sections include:
    • Nicklaus North to the Whistler Secondary School;
    • Meadow Park to Rainbow Park; and 
    • Day Lot 1 to PassivHaus at the entrance of Lost Lake Park

For the safe enjoyment of Whistler’s open spaces and the Valley Trail system:

  • Avoid walking in a group that takes up the entire Valley Trail, 
  • When passing other Valley Trail users,  move to your right and walk single file to allow as much space as possible between groups
  • Always leash your dog(s) and pick up after them

When on the Village Stroll and in Whistler businesses, the public is also reminded that mask wearing and excellent hand hygiene continue to be important tools for slowing the transmission of COVID-19 in Whistler.  

B.C.’s current Public Health Order allows for groups of up to ten people to gather outdoors. You should stick with the same ten people, wear masks and stay at least two metres (six feet) from each other. Be considerate of others by sharing our outdoor spaces and allowing space for others to stay at least two metres (six feet) from your group. 

On March 16, Council endorsed the ‘Whistler Summer Experience 2021 Plan’, an operational plan which aims to provide improved visitor and resident experiences, opportunities for local business, as well as improved local transportation options.  More information on summer planning can be found at

For the latest COVID-19 information from the Resort Municipality of Whistler, visit 

For information on 2021 parks planning and management, visit

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