RMOW encourages community and visitors to prepare for wildfires

Publication Date: July 6, 2021


Learn how to report fires and prepare a personal evacuation plan

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is calling on residents and visitors to take steps right now to prepare for the risk of wildfires.

Whistler’s Fire Danger Rating is currently HIGH which means NO fires are allowed anywhere in Whistler, even with a permit. Only propane barbecues are allowed in Whistler’s parks. All fires in Whistler should be immediately reported to 9-1-1- and outside of Whistler to 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on most cellular networks.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to:

Wildfires are the greatest natural threat to Whistler. The RMOW launched its Multimodal Evacuation Planspring 2019 in cooperation with the District of Squamish that outlines how the RMOW’s Emergency Social Services and Emergency Operation Centre would safely evacuate the entire community if necessary. Work continues on the plan to keep it up to date and continue to evaluate effective evacuation scenarios.

“Sadly, British Columbia has already seen a tragic start to wildfire season and our condolences are with those communities and families that have been affected. Whistler’s Emergency Social Services has been working closely with the Canadian Red Cross to provide assistance to residents of those communities,” said Mayor Jack Crompton. “I cannot emphasize enough that wildfires are a very real risk to our community and encourage everyone to sign up for Whistler Alert as soon as possible and to prepare their personal evacuation plan and learn more about Whistler’s comprehensive Multimodal Evacuation Plan.”

The RMOW has produced an online resource to help residents and visitors determine their evacuation zone, understand the RMOW’s community evacuation process and prepare a personal evacuation plan, including planning for those who do not have a personal vehicle.

Emergency planning checklist:

Learn more about Whistler’s emergency planning and resources at: www.whistler.ca/emergency

Learn more about Whistler’s efforts to reduce the risk of wildfires at: www.whistler.ca/wildfireprotection

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