Whistler launches Phase 2 of 4500 Northlands Engagement

Publication Date: June 8, 2022

4500 Northlands Engagement

Council receives update on Phase 2 rezoning process

June 8, 2022: Whistler, B.C. – Council received an update on the enhanced rezoning process for the lands known as 4500 Northlands at the June 7 meeting.  Located at 4500 Northlands Boulevard, the mostly undeveloped and privately-owned lands present a significant opportunity for the resort community to shape a large development parcel within the Village.

Recognizing the importance and prominent location of the lands, Council endorsed an enhanced, three-phase rezoning process to guide the consideration of the proposed rezoning on March 16, 2021.

The enhanced rezoning process includes three phases:

  1. establish guiding principles,
  2. identify and evaluate alternative concepts that address potential site development, and
  3. determine supported uses and community amenities with direction from Council to commence preparation and consideration of an associated zoning amendment bylaw.

Using the framework created by the guiding principles from Phase 1, the project applicant has prepared and submitted a Phase 2 rezoning package which includes the applicant’s vision for the site and approach to addressing the guiding principles, and presents two high-level site design concepts: “Northlands Village Green” and “The Boulevard”. Phase 2 concepts both advance a compact, mixed-use neighbourhood with community-benefiting spaces, aiming to fill a physical gap in Whistler’s central area and improve pedestrian connectivity with Whistler’s Valley trail network.

The Phase 2 design concepts are intended to spark a conversation with the community, stakeholders, and Council, seeking input on the alternative concepts and priorities for the site to inform the development of a preferred concept in Phase 3 of the Northlands rezoning process.

Feedback from the community will shape the proposed uses of the site, site layout and design, and approaches to addressing the guiding principles for site development that were established through the first phase of the zoning process. An important component of the Phase 2 engagement will be community input on opportunities for the new Northlands neighbourhood to contribute to meeting the needs of the community in terms of the site design and land uses.

Determination of the community amenity package to be negotiated as part of this development, will be guided by existing policy, needs assessments, good planning principles, and community and stakeholder input. This will enable an appropriate and well-suited contribution that provides lasting and meaningful benefit to the resort community.  During Phase 2 engagement, the municipality will work with the community and stakeholders to refine and understand amenity priorities in relation to the overall scale of amenity contribution allowed for within the site plan.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the community to help inform the development of a preferred concept,” said Mayor Jack Crompton. “We hope all members of the community will contribute feedback on the design, provide their perspectives and ensure this plan addresses a broad spectrum of needs within Whistler.”

Upcoming Input Opportunities

The community will have multiple opportunities to provide feedback on the Phase 2 concepts in-person and through the RMOW’s new online engagement platform.

On Wednesday, June 8, the RMOW will be launching the online engagement page for the 4500 Northlands project at whistler.ca/Engage. The page will include presentation materials from the applicant submission, reports to Council, and key milestones related to the rezoning.  The community will have the opportunity to share ideas and provide input via online tools within the online engagement tool.

At the in-person open house scheduled for June 13 between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at Myrtle Philip Community School, the community will have an opportunity to review concepts, ask questions to staff and the applicant, and provide input on the two presented concepts. Staff will also be hosting a pop-up session at the Whistler Farmer’s Market and online drop-in sessions where participants can book at time to meet with the project team. Information will be posted at whistler.ca/Northlands.

Following the conclusion of Phase 2, the applicant will compile and integrate feedback into a preferred concept to be presented to Council for direction to proceed with drafting bylaws. Additional community feedback and input on the preferred development concept will also be sought to further refine the proposal.

The community is encouraged to regularly visit whistler.ca/Engage for future engagement opportunities.  Calls for input will also be posted in Whistler Today, RMOW social media channels and at whistler.ca/Northlands.

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