Medium: Mural

Credit(s): Kris Kupskay

Art ID: 153

Year: 2013

The Whistler Museum and Archives is located at 4333 Main Street in Village North. That is north of the Library in Florence Petersen Park. While great exhibits and events are available inside, the building is rather modest. The east façade was much improved with the creation of a mural commissioned by the Museum and the municipality.

Artist Kris Kupskay was commissioned for his imaginative, figurative art. In this case, he created a wild locomotive ride inspired the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, that opened up access to this region in 1914. Prominently, featured is pioneer Myrtle Philip, who created Rainbow Lodge with her husband Alex Philip. Rainbow Lodge was a stop along the railway that developed into a well known Alta Lake fishing and honeymoon destination in the years before Whistle’s development. Rainbow Park now occupies the lodge site and property.

Public art nearby:

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