Know before you go! What to expect in Whistler this Easter weekend

Publication Date: April 14, 2022


As we see brighter, longer days moving into spring, the public is reminded that wet and winter conditions still exist within the Valley. Plan ahead this Easter weekend when exploring Whistler.

Municipal Parks

All municipal parks still have significant snow coverage, and most summer facilities remain closed. Park visitors are asked to refrain from walking on wet and thinly snow-covered lawn areas in an effort to support quicker grass regrowth and to facilitate the transition to summer operations. 

The following winter operations will also transition to spring operations:

  • Whistler Olympic Plaza (WOP) Snow Zone is now closed. The lawn in front of the WOP will be fenced off to prepare the site for summer use. 
  • Sections of the multi-use Valley Trail are no longer groomed for skiers and are available for walking and cycling. These sections include:
  • Nicklaus North to the Whistler Secondary School;
  • Meadow Park to Rainbow Park; and
  • Day Lot 1 to PassivHaus at the entrance of Lost Lake Park.

Valley Trail

Whistler’s nearly 50 kilometres of Valley Trail are open. The multi-use trail only permits Class 1 pedal-assist e-bikes. All other e-bikes are not permitted.

Proper Valley Trail etiquette includes:

  • Respecting other users
  • Keeping dogs on a short leash and picking up after your dog
  • Cyclists should:
    • Yield to pedestrians
    • Use a bell or call out to warn pedestrians when approaching them from behind, then pass slowly
    • Use caution at blind corners and busy locations

Off-Road mountain biking and hiking trails

It feels like spring in the Valley, but colder temperatures at elevation mean Whistler’s mountain bike and hiking trails are still closed. Snow still exists on most of these trails, and they are not ready for use. While many people are eager to get back out on the trails, please wait until they are officially open to prevent trail damage or personal injury.

Walk Safe in Whistler

As the transit strike continues, residents and resort guests are encouraged to travel and explore the Valley via bike or foot on the Valley Trail. Walking on the highway is dangerous at any time of year and is strongly discouraged. When walking in Whistler, be sure to follow the below safety tips:

  • Look. Always make eye contact with drivers. Never assume that a driver has seen you. Always walk facing traffic.
  • Listen. Focus your full attention on what’s happening around you. Remove your headphones and never talk, text or use electronic devices while crossing the road.
  • Dress to be seen. Wear reflective clothing or gear and carry a flashlight/torch to make it easier for drivers to see you.
  • Be extra cautious at intersections. Watch for vehicles turning left or right through the crosswalk.
  • Always cross at designated crosswalks – never mid-block. Follow pedestrian signs and traffic signals and never cross once the signal has turned yellow or red.

Pick up a free snowflake reflector or bike light at Municipal Hall, 4325 Blackcomb Way; the Whistler Public Library, 4329 Main Street; or Meadow Park Sports Centre, 8625 Highway 99.

For more information about Walk Safe, visit

Explore the Galaxy

Take a starlit walk through the galaxy at Whistler Olympic Plaza! Alongside the giant star which just landed in the plaza, two wooden picnic shelters have been repurposed and decorated as Galaxy Cabins. Count the stars, name the planets and explore the wonders of the universe up close.

Throughout April 2022, you can bring your friends and family down for this interstellar photo opportunity.

Bike parking options

Bike racks are located at all Whistler parks and around the Village. There are also covered bike racks located in the underground lot at Whistler Public Library in Whistler Village year-round.

The Secure bike parking facility in the Library Underground Lot has re-opened for the season.

To apply for a free secure bike parking stop, visit

Vehicle parking options

Public pay parking is available in Day Lots 1-5 with hourly or daily rates available. Seasonal rate changes in Day Lots 4 and 5 come into effect starting Saturday, April 16. Parking in the Day Lots is complimentary from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. Vehicles longer than 20 feet are considered oversized and must park in Day Lot 3 (East). Rates vary depending on vehicle size and Day Lot location. Sleeping in vehicles is not permitted.

In addition to the Day Lots, a variety of municipal metered parking spots are available throughout the Village. There are also several smaller parking lots in Whistler that are not run by the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

For more information about parking options, visit

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