Alta Vista Services Upgrade


The water and sewer pipes in Alta Vista are some of the oldest utility pipes in Whistler. The work is necessary to minimize the risk of failure of aging pipes, reduce water loss from leakage, minimize ongoing odor issues and reduce maintenance costs.

The Hillcrest Culvert replacement that is scheduled for 2023 is a full inline replacement of the existing infrastructure. The existing corrugated steel culvert will be replaced with a larger diameter concrete culvert. The project team explored a trenchless repair method for the aging infrastructure, and unfortunately it was not feasible due the existing condition of the culvert. The work zone will be remediated upon completion of the culvert installation. The works are scheduled to take place from July to October 2023.


Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd. will remain the contractor for the completion of work scheduled for 2023. Please see the list below of work to be completed in 2023.


May to November 2021-2022

Scope of work – Complete

  • Water main upgrades
  • Sanitary  trunk lining and manhole replacement
  • Stormwater upgrades
  • Implementation of a new pressure-reducing valve (PRV) station
  • Raised Valley Trail
  • Valley Trail Lighting – Blueberry Drive to Lakeside Park
  • Road reconstruction 
  • Sewer main trunk lining, sewer manhole lining, sewer trunk repair
  • Stormwater upgrades
  • Landscape restoration

May to October 2023

Scope of work

  • Hillcrest culvert replacement – Hillcrest to the Lake
  • Sewer main repair (Archibald and St Anton)
  •  Sewer manhole lining
  • Remediated of laydown
  • Hillcrest entrance curb, and median reinstatement (entry planter)
  • Landscape remediation throughout

Community Impact

While construction activities are underway, the following roads will be impacted: Hillcrest Dr., Archibald Way, St. Anton Way, and Lakeside Road. Please also expect valley trail closures and detours. Please note that preliminary road and valley trail closures and detours are shown in the gallery below. The gallery will be updated once the plans are approved. Active worksites will be fenced and marked to ensure public safety.

While the works are taking place inconveniences such as, noise, dust, construction equipment, tree and brush removal for site preparation can be expected. Thank you for your patience while we complete these important infrastructure upgrades.



RMOW Engineering Department

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