The Resort Municipality of Whistler's (RMOW) goal is to have the majority of Whistler's workforce living in Whistler. Whistler is one of only a few municipalities in North America with a housing supply that is restricted to people who live and work within the community. Creating affordable housing options for locals helps build a vibrant community where community groups, events, programs and local businesses can thrive.

Since 2010, Whistler's full-time population has grown by more than 20 percent. At the same time, the resort has seen strong growth and job creation. Combined, these factors have led to a decrease in available housing.

To address this shortage, the RMOW created the Mayor's Task Force on Housing to look at ways to maximize current housing supply, and plan and implement housing initiatives, including the Home Run Program, which matches property owners with local businesses to increase staff housing options. In 2016, the RMOW launched a Tourist Accomodation Review to ensure nightly rentals are in accordance with Whistler's bylaws. The Whistler Housing Authority manages a waitlist, sales and rentals for 1,900 units of employee-restricted housing.

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