The Resort Municipality of Whistler's (RMOW) goal is to work with community stakeholders to achieve appropriate and affordable housing for the resort's workforce

Task Force Recommended Actions

1. Tourist Accommodation Review and 2. Home Run Program

3. Employee Housing Service Charge Bylaw Update

An update to the bylaw to ensure commercial/industrial/tourist accommodation developments are contributing to providing new employee housing

4. WHA to build more resident restricted inventory

Whistler Housing Authority to build more residental restricted inventory for the permanent resident workforce

5. Allow private under-market rental developments

Allow development of resident restricted rentals on underdeveloped private lands.


6. Infill housing opportunities

New and expanded infill program for homeowners to add a new resident restricted dwelling to their existing property. 

7. Refine resident restricted eligibility

Further refine resident restricted eligibility and enforcement to protect housing for Whistler's workforce.

Mayor's Task Force on Resident Housing Process 

The Task Force has been engaged in an extensive process convening six meetings over the past year, in addition to a number of sub-committee working groups.

Council Presentations

Community Engagement 

Expected Outcomes

Additional Housing Resources

Community Performance Indicators