Fire Rescue

As of August 23, 2016, the fire danger rating is EXTREME.

  • This means that NO FIRES are allowed and ONLY propane barbecues are allowed in parks.
  • The fire bans will be lifted ONLY when the fire danger rating drops to 'Moderate' for 2 consecutive days, or to 'Low'.
  • Download the 2016 Fire Danger Info Sheet for more detailed information.

To report fires, or campfires during a campfire ban, that are within Whistler municipal boundaries, phone 9-1-1.  

To report fires, or campfires during a campfire ban, that are outside Whistler boundaries, or throughout the rest of BC, phone BC Wildfire Service on 800-663-5555 OR *5555 on a cell phone.

As of August 25 2016 the fire danger rating has been Extreme for three days. That means effective Aug 26 2016 thefollowing construction restrictions apply:

  • All high-risk construction activity in the interface area (within 10 metres of the forest) shall cease.
  • All other work shall maintain a fire watch for a minimum of 2 hours after construction ceases.
  • High-Risk Construction activity may resume to the 1300 schedule when the fire danger rating drops to High.
  • All fire restrictions shall be lifted when the danger rating is at Moderate or Low.
  • The Interface Construction and Maintenance Regulations Amendment has examples of construction work and activities that may continue during 'Extreme' fire danger class.
  • Download the 2016 Fire Danger High Risk Construction Sheet for more detailed information.

​Check BC Wildfire Service's Current Fire Danger Rating. Whistler is listed at the bottom as 'Whistler Temp'.

Whistler Fire Rescue Service focuses on education and prevention to actively reduce fire and life safety risks, while maintaining effective incident response.

Wildfire prevention
Fire Danger Rating and Prevention

Campfires are not permitted in Whistler when the forest fire hazard rating is HIGH or EXTREME. Permits are require for campfires or garden debris burning.

RMOW FireSmart assessment. Photo credit: Mike Crane
FireSmart and Wildfire Prevention

There are many ways to protect your property and the Whistler community against the ignition and spread of fires.

Whistler Fire Rescue Service. Photo credit: Mike Crane
About Whistler Fire Rescue Service

Whistler Fire Rescue Service focuses on education, prevention, and effective emergency response.

Whistler Fire Rescue Service photo credit: Mike Crane
Fire Permits and Regulations

More often than not, the best way to prevent a fire is to stop it from starting. Whistler has fire regulations to keep the community fire-free.


For emergencies, dial 911.

Non-emergency contact:
Whistler Fire Rescue Service
4325 Blackcomb Way
Office hours Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



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