Lost Lake Snowmaking Project

Lost Lake Park in summer, image by Justa Jeskova


The RMOW is pleased to announce that funding was secured through the Tourism Dependent Community Fund provided by the Government of British Columbia for snowmaking equipment at Lost Lake Park.

This project includes a connection to an existing water supply line, piping, and connection infrastructure for snowmaking equipment. The system will also provide seasonal fire protection. In addition, the project is intended in the future to include a micro-hydro generation plant to develop electricity to operate the snowmaking system and complement the park’s electrical needs. 

Scope of work

  • Installation of water pipe from the tie-in point to Lost Lake cul-de-sac.
  • Installation of water line and hydrant in events area in Lost Lake Park.


This project is currently in the construction phase.


  • Spring 2022 – Design and Constructability Review
  • Fall 2022 – Procurement and Council Award
  • Fall 2022 – Late Spring 2023 – Construction 

What to Expect During Construction

There will be limited access to Lost Lake Road and the Lost Lake Carpark during construction. Civil construction activities including heavy equipment are required to excavate and bury waterlines and restore the landscape and paved surfaces.  All efforts will be made to limit the disruption to park users and adjacent residents. The Lost Lake Carpark will be closed to public access until May 31, 2023.


Facilities Construction Management

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