Village Gate Bus Shelter Accessibility Upgrades


The Village Gate Boulevard bus shelter is one of the oldest transit shelters in the Resort Municipality of Whistler. The shelter upgrades include removing the planter on the west side and allowing space to build a connected addition to the existing bus shelter at grade for wheelchair and stroller access. This will allow shelter from the elements for those riders in wheelchairs and those with strollers.

The project proposes 17 more square metres of usable transit shelter space and the addition will borrow from the existing architectural vernacular. Existing landscaping with be removed will not be replaced. The sidewalk to the rear of the shelter will continue to accommodate the same width as it did before. 

Scope of work

The proposed upgrades will improve accessibility to the bus shelter located at Village Gate Blvd. The scope of work for this project includes:

  • Accessible shelter extension
  • New pathway around the shelter
  • Repairs to existing paving around the shelter


  • 2021 – Design and permits
  • February 2022 – Tender posted
  • March 2022 – Tender closed
  • April 2022 – Tender awarded 
  • Spring/Summer 2022 – Construction


The contract was awarded to First Peak Contracting. Construction is complete. 

What to expect during construction

During the shelter expansion and upgrades, one bus stop will be utilized for construction staging. A portion of the existing shelter will remain usable during the construction. There will be construction equipment noise and increased numbers of construction vehicles in the area. Pedestrians will be detoured around the work site if required.

Major disruptions will be communicated as construction progresses through the affected area.


RMOW Engineering Department


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